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The John Hutchison Anti-Gravity Demonstrations Part 1

by John Hutchisons, Andrew Michrowski, Tom Bearden

Part 1: The Anti-Gravity Demonstrations & Overview!!!

The John Hutchisons Anti-Gravity demonstrations video footage. These are the actual filmed experiments that John Hutchison has presented to the world. This John Hutchison footage is to anti gravity, as the Billy Miers footage is to UFO's and Aliens!!! These are the complete uncut versions of the anti gravity experiments. What a treat!!!

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John Hutchison, one of the very few that has taken the techknology of Nicola Tesla to modern day, takes it one step further! Hutchison used only the origianl equipment that Nicola Tesla did!

John Hutchison uses "the old school" technology. "You cannot reproduce what Nicola Tesla has done with out using the same apparatus that he used" says Hutchison. We see old coils, vacuum tubes, dynamometers, gauges, and many other unusual devices.

"The Tesla coils are all hand spun" says Hutchison. "It takes several long days, and sometimes up to a week to wire one coil the 'old way'". This Tesla coil makes over 1.5 million volts. Watch this video footage as sparks as big as lightning jump from coil to coil.

The Jacob's latter is a neat effect. You may have seen this in school with modern equipment, but it does not work the same as the old stuff. Watch as a sponge levitates.

Extremely rare salvaged video snaps of numerous objects being levitated. There is nothing like these original shots. Many skeptics are quick to jump at cutting up this footage, but the facts remain that many cannot duplicate these effects!!!

Sparks Fly. Great power is generalted from only a little voltage. Where does the extra power come from?

Nicola Tesla Coils cause object to levitate

An object "Floats" in mid air when Tesla Coils are truned on This Technology is over 100 years old. Why can't it be duplicated on todays equipment?

They have also found that there is a creation of scalar waves in certain bands of noise waves. A intense, non-tuned anti gravity wave will shatter metals. This is what is shown on the film. A shattering of metal.

The metal actually splits into strips. No other process exists to do this to metals. Uri Gellor was also able to splinter metals. They say he was a hoax, but where would the get splintered metals from?

Michrowski and Berdon talk about how the Max Plank institute in Germany have created new metals and alloys never before seen by man. These metals have very unusual properties that science does not want to reveal to the public.
Here is a partial list objects that levitate right before your eyes when placed between John Hutchisons Tesla coils:

• Cups full of water levitate slightly, with water droplets starting to float upwards in tiny vibrating balls.
• Bits of Aluminum float
• Wood Blocks float and rise upward to the ceiling.
• Watch a spoon bend and wobble like a ribbon in the air, then float upward.
• A metal cylinder roles and bounces upward.
• Magnets repel the attract, then levitate.
• A piece of Iron Ore floats.
• Metal brazing rods warp and rise upward.

Other objects that levitate due to anti gravity are various metals, a Lead pipe, wood bits, plastic tubing, a wound coil, water in a pail, heavy metals, water droplets and more. At one point a piece of plywood fly across the experimental table!!! This segment is about 20 minuets long of the original uncut version of the John Hutchison footage. Some of it is not to clear but it is the only salvaged footage left.

The Jacob's latter is a neat effect. You may have seen this in school with modern equipment, but it does not work the same as the old stuff. Watch as a sponge levitates.

A piece of sheel metal fluttersin the air

Water droplets circulate and fall - upward!

A block of wood pivots on its axis - upward!

Ball bearing flattens

Old equipment makes object float. New equipment can not. It was designed to fail!
A tin role of metal moves from side to side


Levitating cyclinders

Levitating Iron

Tube revolves Andrew Michrowski & Tom Bearden discuss how these
AntiGravity effects are achieved

Tom E. Bearden works with John Hutchisons theories.

"Its an unbelievable truth"
say Tom,
"This is undsiputed video evidence of Anti-Gravity"

People that were associated with John Hutchison have been ridiculed, had objects stolen, and have lost jobs. All because they do not want to believe the truth - We have been lied to by our own Government!!!
A good friend of John Hutchisons that has come forward is Tom Bearden. Bearden understands Scalar work well. He give a good oversight of John Hutchison and his work. He presents a good personality profile of Hutchison.

Andrew Michrowski shows how these effects are achievd and how scalers are created

The Government and fire department have closed down John Hutchisons plant in Vancouver saying that it was a 'hazard to peoples health'. It is now under lock and key and Government will not let anyone in! You would think the if it was a 'health hazard', that they would distroy all the equipment!

Andru shows photos of vintage scaler equipment used many years ago

Supressed News Real Footage (2 min long) of John Hutchison on National News To have a repulsion of mass, you must create a reveal of time (i.e.. negative time). You can do this with two competing Tesla coils. Tesla coils, therefore effect time. Do you remember the Philadelphia experiment? The USS Eldridge ship had several Tesla coils on it that allowed the ship to be teleported forward into time.

"You cannot repeat Tesla's work with new equipment.
New equipment is designed not to work".

John Hutchison

Editors Note: A very interesting and unique video. Many people talk about anti-gravity, but no one can show the goods. John Hutchison does show the goods. 20 minuets of this video is actual salvaged 'levitation footage'. All the pictures from this site are snap shots of the video. John Hutchison is one of the very few that stands up to his claims and allows media to come in and observe.

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