Wednesday, January 2, 2008

keeping vigual on tom

John just update
I called Chris she said all will be ok she mentioned other exposures to such energies but from people who tap into it not from devices she said in 21 days energy field changes she mantioned also that I could become changed somehow by the energy after the 21 days m goodness good or bad

S Seagal will be able to take my call tommorrow night I was told


yes we have lot in common John hope things will turn into positive


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Hey John
walked on beach whole day today just came back no change since last talk just feeling little better compare to yesterday but hopes are guarded by angels and yes interesting felow you are surely we will love to go to catalina island and show you around there perhaps snorkeling etc
Please promise me you will share some part of your mind with me on your devices etc at least something to look forward to well if Paris Hilton will offer company for night this could shift my cells into right direction perhaps

friend called me reported his cellphone changes time whenever he calls me the minute he tells me that I got depressed over this again don't want to be philadelphia experiment participant my GOD and I started thinking again this is just dark force I dont want to deal with

anyways continuing on improving did you get dry skin of the effects in your lab my blood vessels show red under skin feel some changes movements in the body but decided to get well nothing will stop me man!!! not even time as I'm faster

Yes Segals number could be useful whatever helps me dont care if famous or not I'm fascinated by his powers
he could be helpfful but not sure how will I start talk with him and if he will want to help me no charge

Thanks man

hi tom no actual the feilds where used long ago to get rid of cancer they called them multiple wave occilators there was a comeback of sorts but they did not work as they where to small great talk we had i must say hope the contact is great chris in oceanside did you want steven seagals number ?? as he is into energy stuff as well i never called him asi guess i have nothing to say i gave his number out to yin who lost it also to david sereda as well as yin hes lives in kelly lebrocks house on mandevillecanyon road kelly moved out becauas of a delicate situation with another lady xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx most likely his manager will answer or a lady thesenumbers maybe dated you got a lot of fans wishing you well i got a few great emails gee you had me wooried ;; i sent one off to paris hilton lol, belive it or not shes into this stuff but i got an auto reply only so she must be away or causing interesting trouble she coreesponds sporadicialy leets keep in touch when talking to chris dont mention steven seagal i dont wat to labeled as gossip geeeeeeeeee keep positive the other person is nancy o donnel of national geographic tv and film cheers john snorkling catlinia island i have a lady friend who love this she visits there
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Subject: Tom

Hey John just came back from beach area walked on shore bare feet and grounded myself as long as possible
slight improvement I hope its not temporary relief I did ground myself yesterday for some time but didn't help so I guess time is important the longer the better
so far heart slowed down a bit before was running crazy like try to escape from me and ants in leg still walking on me great deal
thanks for keeping intouch with this
do people get cancer from this scalar thing if wrong frequencies applied?
I realy want to know all about it ifthose waves can break metal what happenes to living body My god!!!
I made a decision to recover no matter what

talk to you soon John
take care

ill try and contact george hathway again i my self have been getting since the 1980s like electrical shocks what does your heart do ????????????? nancy o donnel is with ngtv maybe some folks in the industry knows where she is thesefolks on cc list are special and ill send positive energy cheers john
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John here is my numbexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx will try to sleep tonite might have neighbour come and sleep with me in case I don't answer means I'm asleep which is precious as I could not sleep recently at all
nothing looked distorted to me durning experiment now feel distortion of my daily reality kind of like something try to go apart in my mind I can not describe you is soo strange
I accumulate positive thoughts as much as possible try not to analize it just deal with it I thing my mind chest was exposed and leg also

can I get intouch with the lady that her hair was up during demo or the guy from germany that filmed for some time I wanted to ask them for hope and see if they felt something
any contact with other folks will help me
Thanks John will try to sleep

hi tom keep me posted on this did you see or sense anything when you where fiming here was there anything looking distorted any colors not to worry i know many folks who can help iam positive you will be ok as i mentioned larry hampson could feel the feilds with his hands i feel like frankenstien oddly my fans are prince hans adam leichtstenstein and family the name is close keep me posted i can always call cheers john
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To: johnhutchison
Sent: Tuesday, January 01, 2008 6:42 PM
Subject: Tom

Thanks John perhaps I could be a case study
this is beyong explenation what I feel
of course negative feeling of like something was separating me in my head and in my chest
guessing my nervous system was exposed to field possible disruption of atoms in my body????
I can not describe it it is very odd and negative feeling hiss noise doesn't stop
if things wont get better I will need to find some military base hospital
that is familliar with scalar wave exposure etc perhaps method of overwriting frequency etc

just in case what shoud I explain to any doctor as they will ask questions
this is just in case but very important so they don;t thunk I'm crazy

I try to remain positive by telling myself all will be OK and positive helps me

I wish it didn't take place but I'm paying for my curiosity and not anyones fault of course
Will keep you posted John
I plan to be ok by sunday


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Don't get caught with egg on your face. Play Chicktionary! Check it out!

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