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1979 civilians mark murphy and mr murphy of cp air computer program the pegasus project my landlord 1458 east 29 street lynn valley north vancouver ;;; bill ross civilan 1980 same address of lab ;; mel winfield ;;;;see mel winfield on the net ;; of vancouver took photos of levitationsas well as cbc news later presented to ed murand iranian embassy and henry kissinger usa gov to get support to mel at 500 000 untill john alexander stopped it ;;;;1981 phillipo guillupo brewster new york owner of the hipotronics company seen steel demolish itself along with his secretary;;; george hathaway and alex pexaro event on 8 mm film '''ibm engineers visit ;; brian borrodale ;; mrs murphy; washinton state gruop ;; sandiego laser gruop saic ? 1982 alex pezarro ; with priest meeting held in washinton d.c with generals wanting to go directly to ronald reagan ;;it was decided to look this over first ; moved lab to 142 riverside drive north van 1983 usa gov testing for los alamos gruop ; involved where at that time r flnn marr lawyer;;;; joann maclusky lawyer ; george hathaway ; alex pezaro; col john alexander ;bob friedberge;; usa gov ;john rink los alamos bill ross ; civilian;;; los alamos team names i forget ; edna drake private demos ;starrlite lighting next door industrial shop had problems ; with effects ; usa gov tests dissapeared all video taped however large effects took place outside te target areas deamed not good ;;; mirrors broke ; fires started ; weird effects with the lights plus others col tom bearden said the project was sabatoged by bob freeman ;; but col john alexander one of my main supporters as well as los alamos but not bob freeman or freeberg ;;;; moved again to 3744 east hasting street ; demos to bctv alyn edwards news caster and camera man for tony parsons news hour ; ckvu tv grant fredricks tv news now global tv ; macdonald douglas george jack houck 1985 2 days of controlled exsperiments for washington d.c and col john alexander REPORT NOT CLASSIFIED AS WELL AS VIDEOS i have them ; attending alex pezaro ;;; other tests where many but forgotten names danny bottemly we looked stunned at molten metals yet cold shape weird forms dissapearing and reappering ;;ubc professor goes mad in lab leaves us standing like what happened ????? ; bill ross alex pezaro george hathway norman hathaway ; wesley baker who appears on beyond invention tv series as well as others ;;;; roland bredow germany ;; larry hampson and friend could touch the energy feilds with there hands ;;; tristan on victoria drive ; don muses laser tech ; teslas old friend thomas lee richardson of vancouver who seen the effect and told jack webster of ctv news talk tv shows ;;; vancouver also contact from lorn st ives of san francisco who great aunt passed who worked with tesla and had the earthquake machine i still have these folks phone numbers ;;;; phile gaddison adanac salvage carol gaddison wife;;; freddy same location on alexander street 1983 demos; telephone pole incident shakeing pole witness by alcohilic recovery gruop of 30 folks and police;; multimillionair dannel c laflamme;;;; usa government contract lawyer name forgotten ;along with danny bottlemy ; visit by los alamos team on route to other projects 13 folks gruop visit ;; mr dennis edmonson of nasa saying there s 5 million dollars to be had ;;from nasa ; or boeing ;; 1986 march 24 on orders of erik neilson deputy prime minister of canada orderd the dnd canada director of scientific technical intelligance to investigate dr lorne a kuehne attending with dr wilson drep ; dr . lokken of drep defence establishment pacifica george hathway "had 5 cameras going on this action of one day" in support in ottawa was dr earl ledger ; col tim deer ; dr lauri ; mr szabo ; col larson along with ed bishop brian wallace ;;bob guyruski who later where csis agents bob paid for my plane fair back i got documentation on this ;; canada company front was car check of canada all results where classified to this day see chuck cook letters ;;; 1987 moved to 560 cambe street by invitation of owl industries george lisacase and alik sheresesky funding came from boeing eronn kovacks and canadian gov guys lawyers 80 000 iam told new demonstrations of al kinds of effects following all this was electra briggs in philielphia who has case loads of files and taped converations originial videos never returned;;;; george lisacase filmed his own effects in my lab ; moveing 1500 pound tranformers as well as nails floating threw the walls and fumeing stuff we called carl the ghost this effect happened a lot and is on videos as well 8 mm films cal barton of cbc night final did a news cast on this ;;1987 on the 2 governments interest ;; canada and usa. dr peter kokoshinegg of austria and wife dr med margarita kokoshinegg advised to get out of boeing gruop ;; roland bredow took many fotos of fumeing type energy at 4000 photos iam told max planct ; seimans labs running tests ; on lab technition had a heart attack as to the sawdust inside the wood ;;; bam labs germany berlin university ; dr almon ;; plus hunreds of others written up in esquire magazine and other german literature like japan did and uk scienstits ;; this is in combination of lab move to 13 street most of the above the building vanished i was told by alik and george ; as well as the insurance companyies ; demonstatons going on while i took off to germany lawyers hogson and kowasky worked on my behalf in moveing or trying to to all cargo exspess rolf kiperling ;;; judge paris set up a b.c surpreme court order to protect lab but government officials took the lab makeing yet more news in main medias vancouver sun feb22 1990 henry champ of nbc got involved while i was in germany as well as interpole ;as well as the east block speis as confirmed bydr. pt pappas of greece athens universicty proff of math ;;;; the metal samples where being tested by the max planct institute george hathway col john alexander plus saidia labs and washinton d.c ;; george lisacase took off with stolen technology and formed pinnacle oil international with the feild stress detector of mine and pezaro finding oil ; also lisacase has videos of levitations as well as alike photos of free energy testing ;;jumping a lot to 1997 more levitations to harry delighter productions ;as well as with jim cherry of world wireless productions for miramax motion pictures as jim says it on video the floors start bulkling or rolling see his my spaces jim was with a team in 2000 wih a news week reporter ot time magazine ; mary ann suchard could run the tests on her own these videos george hathway has or ;;;; actress caroline allart also felt the force feilds of these tests some now on video harry delighter productions ;;;;;hiroshi yamabe filmed these effects as animals where actreded to the effects ;; hiroshi yamabe set up the famuos hiroshima lab and run his own tests ;;; 1994 carried by jogm tv mr hino reporter ;; fox tv ghost best evidance caught on tape ufo toy levitation with johnathan frakis of star trek;;;;april 29 2001 all along demonstations of free energy to hiroshi yamabe of japan and thomas messer germany demonstrations to 2003 beyond invention tv series airing al the time soon on network tv ;; 2006 national geographic tv and film odd vibrations and fires isit real 3 bermuda tiangle nancy o donnel my director ;; many witnesses here ;; chinese tv demo ;; melting rubber and steel tests i got videos on videio japan tv x51.files i got videos . discloser project harold bernt filmed effects ; put on earths black holes history channel ; 2006 dec 22 john ealer director of photography ;;;; ark of the covenant see show reel there;;; for discovery channel bruce burgess ;;ark almost burns down warehouse entities fly out of this filming rudy fishman producer los angeles ;;; other foreging gruops filmed redbull can ; toy ship lightning bolts and water foaming ;; ; water ; plus others most dramtic just after yet a very dramtic test may 2007 with impact motion pictures Rob Simone ; radio host ; paul stovosky producer Dominix host ;;; and 8 film crews ; i got videos ; 2007 dr ludwick of germany along with jeane manning ; peter scholls; and friends videos just given to gryphon productions ; tom sky and his uncle filmed effects water rippling plus other effects i got videos ; new westminster city felt shock waves as confirmed by doctors ;tom sky got ill interveiewed by ken shoulders and steven seagal actor friend ; jumping back to 2005 lama lee reports metal dissolving to news crews i got videos ;;of her statements or news medias on videos other tennant screaming hes got technology there and camera crews that was bill poor bill ;; mayor m wright pays visit saying hes getting reports of concret breaking and citizens in distrss george hathway visits getting more metal samples he gives me reports i put on on blogger;; i scanned this info on his findings prince hans adam leichstenstein supports george i contacted the prince in 1989 untill present times ken shoulders also still at now 2006 usa pentagon shows my videos to 400 staff officiers ;; standing ovation nasa great interest duke follenstien ;;pentagon staff 1987 stan paulster;;; steve sardi ;; all attemps threw foia canada and usa where saying it did not exist no records of anything yet i got these docmentation it did letters in originial envelopes some on blogger yet also voluums of others projects on directed energy systems in locker room antimatter great for antigravity and this is 1986 richard sparks my agent for sbir my pricacy co ordinator for cia was john m wright helping was col rogers i got many reccomendations letters of support ill this is partial list theres dr yaho ; caroline sutherland ; plus many others i forgot some wanting to do moveies gruops would show up george hathway is very protective of all he has documented non share anything even the canadian government lost my 50 caliber brownings they dont remember the 1978 court case of epic proportions landmark cases in the foia documentations i got back last year nothing exists not even the court cases yet documents do exist joe clark chuck cook plus hundreds of others so in reality its ok to have brownings stolen by gov officials ????????? plus no videos or nsa issues hummm the others developing this tech hide away funded my princes ????m black ops ???????? truly interesting on occasion they do drop in under some pretense to see what iam doing 2000 raid of course ALSO THE ABOVE HAS BEEN SHOWN OVER THE YEARS TO HUNDREDS OF SCIENTISTS WHO WRITE THERE OWN REPORTS AS WELL AS BOOKS WWW.WPFW.ORG HTTP://WWW.971FREEFM.COM/ HTTP://SATINVERSE.BLOGSPOT.COM WWW.CFRB.COM WWW.GRYPHONPRODUCTIONS.COM, P.W.H., J.K.H

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