Wednesday, October 21, 2009

x filres heavy

John: Oh yea; I'm still in the wind and stil 'full-of-it!'~;-) I've been working out of this site and also ---> alot<--- and dealing with the think tank alot also. These guys include quite a few 'hyper-credentialed types' but "John Hutchison" always commands quite alot of lively & much respectful exchange, especially as of late related to Nikola Tesla. There's always a few 'ass-holes' but all in all you get quite a bit of pithy-play and serious consideration. I've been sending a lot of my stuff to ---> <---- and I wonder if you've been seeing it. I contanct Max Planck Institute, Nasa-Boeing Phantom works, and many other sites that keep an open reception port for 'stuff' that your work figures in either indirectly or centrally. I'll send some of the latest on 'you' if you want. Much of the vortex-l 'conversation' is monitored world wide but some really 'huge' heavies; while they stay quiet. But many of the heavies speak of you with much-repect on a regular basis. You are really 'peer-reviewed' even if you (like me) don't have much patience for the "hyper-credentialized snobs" who mostly 'jaw' but accomplish 'squat.' Tangible results talk and the psudo-educated whirly-gig rambles like 'shite' walk. And 'Hutchison' talks loudly along with the Tesla's etc. who were neither darlings of the educated-elitist stuffed shirts of his time.

I'm still sucking-air and taking my licks; but I like a good scrap and many of the vortex-l bunch have become so leary of me for poking holes & fun in there hyper-calculated blather that they now call me------The Troll! Ha; I'll be Shrek, what the hey!~;-) Hand in there man. Jack O'Sullivan

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