Thursday, December 6, 2007

hi southern hobbit;;; don't worry about the skeptics anything new they put down including vitamins ;; lots of the best scientists in the world ken shoulders 100 patents to his name;;; Google search evos and the Hutchison effect;; George Hathaway col john b Alexander they work as a team ;; Hathaway is publishing a book on yours truly nick cook of janes defense weekly black ops world see the book the hunt for zero point aim featured in that ; hiroshi yamabe Japan ;; jack Houck MacDonnell Douglas corp.; DR wilson defense region Pacifica Canada ; DR loran a kuehne director sciencetific technical intelligence DND Canada ;DR Laurie dr. DND Canada col Tim deer DND Canada DR earl ledger Canada DND DR liken DND DSTI Canada Eric neilson deputy prime minister and at that time minister of defense DR Elizabeth Ann ruascher men and woman of science Alexis pezaro industrieal ERON Kovack Boeing corp. George lisacase alik shereseky Boeing group George had at one time pinnacle international oil company of all things ;; Roland Bredow Germany the max Planct team see esquire magazine feature articles on this DR among of Berlin university ; bruno Beckman max Planct institute and team with Roland DR peter kokoshinegg Austria where i lived DR margarita kokoshinegg Steiner Berlin ; DR pt Pappas Greece ; René louse vallee and Andrei sakorove team afar that was DR Hal Puthoff USA scientist correspondence and visit to look at old power units i made ;; DR takishi ogiwara Kyoto institute of technology testing the power cells yin gazda film maker Hollywood had cells tested by many Henry daiken industrialist with Alfred von leichstenstien part of prince Hans adam 2 leichstenstien who wanted to sponsor my technology if i moved to Toronto under guidance of George Hathaway ; richard brewer civil engineer of the Canada tar sands we demonstrated for Canada research and development team ; los Alamos labs john rink Henry strap Lawrence Livermore labs col tom Bearden red stone nuclear labs now retired Marcel Vogel USA aim currently working with DR Ludwig thorsten on his visit from Germany we finished a great demonstration and going for no 2 this weekend witness jean manning journalist for her book the coming energy revolution as well as DR judy wood in new York WTC FORENSICS aim just giving information on her research on this event some interesting parrels ; DR phillppo guillupi Brewster new York who owned HIPOTRONICS CORP ; SAIC laser group san diego ; artificial reef society of British Columbia wes roots project engineers sinking war ships look up dick long san Diego ocean center Google hmcs Yukon ; DR Andrew micros of Ottawa in regards to the power cells testing of them planetary assioation for clean energy Ottawa Canada all the above is documented wow this is long indeed but covers a tird of the folks i must saw ark of the covenant i built see the show reel there beyond invention as we did make power cells and demoed a flying suacer toy iam not putting in all the tv folks about over a hundred biut i can news folks ctv news alynn Edwards . cbc carl Barton global TV grant Fredrick's plus others working on news stories as they research out the scientists involved but again a lot of talc shows i do or did or whatever go on a mission to search out all the witnesses we have fox family TV strange universe and so on there just to mant to list here ok with scientists about 150 about close contact types afar types no unknown could be thousands i just don't know TV shows well past 100 news about 40 ; radio about 300 largest then cfrb down the line WHAT A LONG BRAG SHEET THIS IS YOUNG HOBBIT CAN I HAVE MY ICE CREAM NOW ? LOVE YOU THANKS FOR KEEPING ME ON MY TOES LOVE ALWAYS THE NORTHERN HOBBIT
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