Tuesday, December 25, 2007

paris hilton folks asking her

Dear Paris,

I'm connected to John through Dr. Brian O'Leary, a good mutual friend of ours.
I have not met John personally but I know of his amazing work and his kind nature
through his peers and friends.

I'm hoping you thoroughly study John's work and advocate this new free energy science.
It is real and it is truly extraordinary. There are many things to learn about on this subject
as I'm discovering and it is not a popular or thought about subject by most people. There needs
to be an understanding of the social and psychological issues blocking this research from
coming to light. It's a whole paradigm of mind, of heart, of understanding reality as it really is.

I feel like you already know what I'm talking about because of your connection with John and
because you have the capacity to understand.

i really hope you read this and appreciate what I'm saying. i'm not a fan nor do I pay attention to
mainstream propaganda lies.

Merry Christmas

Hope this e-mail reaches you.

David Kurth

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